All 4 endings to Deus Ex: Human Revolution

At the end of Deus Ex you’re presented with 4 choices. Here are the endings that you’ll get upon making a choice.

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Kran2333d ago

OK, so just before endgame, I got to save it somewhere so I can see all 4 endings?

I would watch them here but I dont want to spoil myelf ;)

KeemJ2333d ago

yeah you have the option to save right before you make the choices

xtheownerzx2333d ago

yea these endings are really great!

Xof2333d ago

It's 2011. Calling "choose your final cut-scene" endings should be illegal.

MysticStrummer2333d ago

Too bad all the previous choices in the game don't change the end. Still... awesome game. I'm really loving it.

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