Forget Apple: Google Could be a Viable Console Contender

Every other week, an article comes out saying Apple needs to get into the console market. But why hasn't anyone ever brought up Google? Read on to find a compelling argument as to why Google should.

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JsonHenry2456d ago

I don't see it happening. At least not with a dedicated "console".

dark-hollow2456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

I think apple is more suited to get into the console market instead.
Hear me out first. Google business model is mainly open and free with ads.
Two things I don't think would work with gaming consoles.

Apple designs are second to none and the hardware is beautiful and high end with their products.
Basically every market they get into they dominate it.

Yes even on the pc. Don't compare Mac vs windows but compare how much apple sells in comparison with other pc companies

Baka-akaB2456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

Not convinced . For starters your comparison doesnt work , why fragment one market into multiple constructors ? PC is one market , mac is one other , tough luck for apple that they are outsold by the combined might .

And it's partially their fault . They most of the time handled gaming very badly between their hardware choices and lack of real support . Hell even linux had for a while a better gaming support than macs .

strenghtening further the mobile gaming market by allowing plenty devs to flood with cheap bit sized gme is one thing .. but the real console market is another .

They have no game content of their own , shallow relationship with big publishers and studios ( steam only recently appeared even) and no supperior gaming tech to boast about .

djcitizend2456d ago

See: linked article.

Apple already tried the console and failed miserably.

UltimateIdiot9112456d ago

What....? Why are we breaking the PC market by manufacturer and then compare it to Mac? That makes no sense. And even if we do that, HP and Dell comes out at top.

I don't think their hardware are beautiful in design. I'm not a fan of minimalistic design nor am I fan of overpaying for hardware. You might think they look great but I think it's rather plain and bland.

Apple's pricing strategy is far from suitable with the console gamer audience. Gamers whine like there is no tomorrow about the $600 price tag on the PS3 when the hardware cost Sony $1000 to make. What do you think Apple will price that at basing on how they price their phone and computers? Probably $1200.

Also, you have to consider R&D, this isn't a quick and easy process. It takes time and experience which Apple has none as far as console game market is concern. You need to design a controller that works, hardware that will be enough but also pushes console gaming forward. They will need to study the market which will take time and money.

Next third party won't be so willing to make a multiplatform game on this Apple console. We have 3 and next year, 4 consoles on the market at the same time and possibly 6 by 2013. There is also multiplat on PC. It's not cheap nor is it easy to develop for so many systems at once. In other words, the market is damn saturated right now so the barrier of entry is incredibly high as it is.

Each successful company in the gaming console hardware industry brought the gaming world something that changes the industry for the better when they entered. Microsoft paved way to successful online gaming. Sony brought graphics to the next level, polygons. Nintendo was the one that made it common to own a console at home.

So, Apple will have to create their own first party titles. This will become a big risk for Apple since it's not going to be cheap. Then you can't sell your titles at a ridiculous high price otherwise barely anyone would want to buy their games.

Then there is marketing which they are probably fine at but they still need to tune it towards gamers.

Now let assume they do all this and put out the console. If it fails, they will lose billions and their stock will drop. Steve Jobs would probably have never went into this direction but I don't know what Apple will do with someone new in charge.

tl;dr: I did a 15-20 page paper on the console game industry. Apple's philosophy is too out of line with gamers.

Micro_Sony2456d ago

You know that Google bought out Motorolas mobile division right.

So this could be far fro possible seeing how they want to branch out from just ads

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rabidpancakeburglar2456d ago

Not in my lifetime. I love google and all but I don't think any console they could make would compete with Sony, microsoft and nintendo

SilentNegotiator2456d ago

Don't forget Sega and Atari. /s

Things switch hand, man. It might be hard to see someone outdoing or even just competing with the big three, but remember that Nintendo wasn't always a console developer. Neither was Sony. Or Microsoft.

Would you have guessed that a company like Sony was going to make a console at all before the PS1? Or outsell Nintendo?

What about Microsoft? Their second gen in, and they're going neck-and-neck with the leader of the two previous generations. And Nintendo came back to the top after two gens of trailing a new competitor.

In your lifetime. I guarantee it, my friend. Google and Apple are massive corporations that deal with electronics. They WILL take further steps into the industry that is making more money than the movies.

OcularVision2456d ago

I can definitely see Google jumping into the console market. They'll probably buy a company like the OnLive guys and slap their name on it, just like how they bought the Android guys, the Youtube guys, and the Motorola guys.

But more importantly, can anybody else picture OnLive with Google Fiber? That would be amazing.

Vickistheman2456d ago

A console just doesn't fit with Google. They would have the cash to get into the business but it's probably too much of a hassle for them. I see Google setting up something like steam before they ever get into the console business.

Apple would be a bit more suited for consoles than Google but again, it would probably be too much trouble.

Both companies have the resources but do they really want to take the risk? Do they really want to compete against Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft? I doubt it.

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