Free Copy Of Borderlands 2 for Attendees At Gearbox PAX Panel

PAX is taking place this week and a host of games are been shown off. One of these games was Borderlands 2, despite only been announced it’s already highly anticipated by many people

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ShadyDevil2433d ago

Lucky people! Ah well. Least Gearbox is not afraid to give some awesome fan service.

xtheownerzx2433d ago

SON OF A....Damn now im jealous. Oh well congrats to those guys

ThrazN72433d ago

I really want to go to pax. Since I live in az I will save up money to travel for next year.

Enate2433d ago

I'm moving to AZ in October and I was thinking the same thing. Gotta get tickets crazy early.

ThrazN72433d ago

Pax prime is in Seattle which is the closest for
Me while pax east is in Boston

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