GamerGaia Preview: Dead Island

Has the zombie video game bubble burst yet? Well, Deep Silver and Techland certainly hope not with their upcoming release of Dead Island, so get ready to pick up any number of weapons that are each capable of tearing apart the hordes of undead zombies that swarm all over the island piece by piece. Even though the plot and game is unbelievable, they go to great lengths to make this game as realistic as possible with a dramatic combat system, rich RPG elements and a story that is said to grab the attention of players and refuse to let them go. With all the other zombies in video games, will Dead Island be dead in the water or stand above the crowd as the zombie game that fans must play?

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J86blum2486d ago

I have it pre-orderd for PS3 and I hope its good. -crosses fingers-

Miiikeyyy2486d ago

I'm going to Pre-order pretty soon, Just waiting to see somemore footage etc.

flipmop442486d ago

Im going to trade some games in for it and from what I've seen it at least haas the look of a good game. I'm going to get rise of nightmares too. So its going to be a zombie fest for me

J86blum2485d ago

My PSN is Cupcake_0wnage thats with a zero if anyone wants to add me for co-op runs.

flipmop442485d ago

I certainly would but I'm currently on xbox as flipmop4 if anyone wants to add me