Mass Effect 3 not getting origins comic

BioWare confirming at PAX that Mass Effect 3 will not receive an origins comic for new players like its previous titles...

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TekoIie2241d ago (Edited 2241d ago )

I see this as being lazy, When ME2 came to PS3 i bought it to see how it played with the comic at the beginning and technically all they have to do is put in the Comic from ME2 for ps3 and create a new one to fill in the story for ME2, half the work is (technically) already.

Overall this is obviously a Business decision to make players buy the previous titles...

themightychez2241d ago

Derp. Did you read the article? It may not be a comic, but there is still a similar function ("previously on mass effect" thing), and you can still decide what happened in the previous games without having to buy the games.

Redempteur2241d ago

Well they were forced to do it TO reach the PS3 audience . now that the previous games are on every decive that matter ( pc , 360,ps3 ) they won't bother

Getowned2241d ago

fine with me i have ME2 :) don't need it,trying to get that damn "no one left behind" i thought i had it but legon died -_- hes the only one thats not loyal.gotta try again