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When I tell people that I write about gaming and technology, they’re usually pretty shocked. Is there some unwritten rule that gamers need to be as nerdy as possible?

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AngelGirl162241d ago (Edited 2241d ago )

"With gamers across the globe winning a silly amount of money in various gaming competitions, it’s only a matter of time before gamers either rule the world or are considered to be the “cool kids” at high school."

lol no. I think the author is being a bit unrealistic.

Tony P2241d ago

I think the internet has helped a lot of previously "uncool" hobbies achieve some notoriety (and maybe respect).

I remember when being a gamer and an RPG buff was the nerdiest of the nerdy. Now, you can find so many other people with your interests, celebrating it proudly and that's ok.

JsonHenry2241d ago

I dunno. When I am at the gym and talk to the other guys they are dumbfounded that I play video games as a hobby, build my own gaming PCs, and shun sports. :/

I think the stereotype still exists because even I have to admit that most of the "gamers" I know fit the stereotype more often than not.

DarkBlood2241d ago

i know eh, i guess they can't see us with muscles playing games, it would seem unusual to them lol

theonlylolking2241d ago

Sport fanatics(not gaming sport) and many gym going peeps dont get it.

Rettom2241d ago

Sorry I have a high metabolism, not a fatty.

Klaykid1232241d ago

High five.

Hate the people that say you're fat then you tell them you're not then they say you're anorexic.

Rettom2241d ago

Hahaha honestly I am a bit skinny, I can barely keep my weight with 3000 calories a day. Abnormally high metabolism.

ZeroChaos2241d ago (Edited 2241d ago )

Yeah they have changed, into a**holes who hide behind the internet.

Wait... They haven't changed!