Deus Ex: Human Revolution Weapons and Weapon Mods Location Guide

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Huffman2487d ago

I spent the entire game hoping I'd find a silencer for the pistol. Never did find one. Enjoyed the game, though.

RedDead2487d ago

Found one within 20 mins of the first city hub hehe

Solidus187-SCMilk2487d ago

really? I was able to find one near the beginning of the game also. I got another one too and put that one on the combat rifle.

You can also buy some mods at stores so you should remember to look at the stores when your near.

consolez_FTW2487d ago

Dude, theres one like in the firt store you visit. You didn't check the stores?

I'm loving this game so far. A contender for my GOTY.

Huffman2486d ago

I know... people have been telling me that it was there, but I swear to you it was not! Either way, I beat the game without it. So, whatever I guess.

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chriski3332487d ago

I want to get the crossbow but when I came across one I didn't have enough money and I found two silencer for the pistol and machine pistol