Solid Snake Speaks. An Interview With David Hayter (Part 2)

"In Part 2 of TGL's penultimate Voice Actor Week interview with David Hayter, the voice of Metal Gear Solid’s iconic Solid Snake, TGL ask's David about his favourite sequences from Metal Gear Solid 4, his favourite characters from the greater Metal Gear universe, his thoughts on Metal Gear Solid: Rising and why he thinks if you can clone Snake once, there’s no reason to suggest that he can’t be cloned again……

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zerocrossing2426d ago

I couldn't imagine anyone else but David voicing snake, I really hope we do get a proper follow up to MGS-4 even if its another prequel or... a new SNAKE!

house2425d ago

David is not only one of the best voice actors in the business but a great writer as well

xf2425d ago

Another awesome interview from TGL.

MasterCornholio2425d ago

Pretty good interview. Now Kojima San bring Snake Eater to the Vita with almost PS3 level of visuals.