Literature and Media in Deus Ex: Human Revolution

The futurescape of Human Revolution is a similar yet largely exaggerated imagining of our modern situation. Advertising exists largely in propaganda form and corporations have become the true government, exacerbating the crisis between pure humans and augmented humans.

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JsonHenry2243d ago

My favorite is the Alex Jones type character that plays on the radio.

sonicsidewinder2243d ago

Yeah he's cool. Problem i have with him though is that he doesn't have enough to say and each clip loops too soon. repetitive.

Still, get to listen to original DX tunes on that radio.

notimetobeidle2243d ago

That's probably one of my only complaints about the game.

I guess they figured that people would be hurrying past the radios.

sonicsidewinder2243d ago (Edited 2243d ago )

Exactly. It's just when you compare it to say, Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines' radio station, it's meek. very meek.

Same can be said for the tv programs.