Sonic Generations: Nostalgia, Speed and Possibly the best use of 3D yet | RPI

When Sonic Generations was first announced there was a flood of mixed reactions as to whether it was really the Sonic game fans had been waiting for. Now, after three high standard level previews, it's safe to say that Sonic Generations might just live up to that expectation.

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HallCat2336d ago

I hope this feels more like the original sonic games. Sonic the Hedgehog 4 ep 1 just didn't do it for me :/

3GenGames2335d ago

I know, I was disappointed at the lack of you feeling significant and the terrible animations. :/ :(

newn4gguy2335d ago

Dude! I can tell you from experience...this game FEELS like Sonic! It's fun!


SilverSlug2335d ago

Sorry, I love Sonic and I think most people give him a bad name. His last games where great.

But seriously, best use of 3D? The game was like 20fps most of the time in 2D.

DlocDaBudSmoka2335d ago

after trying the demo in 3D, i would kinda have to agree. made it feel like genesis sonic to me. just my opinion. feel free to disagree.