Music makers will dig PS Vita's Sound Shapes

Platformers? Love 'em. You can't make enough. Platformers of any type appeal to the gamer in me. But upcoming PS Vita game Sound Shapes also speaks to the musician in me. It's slick platforming and musical creation. You can create music that actually becomes the levels that you platform in. After spending a bit of time trying both sides of this game out and then seeing how they come together, it has moved up to be one of my most anticipated titles.

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cliffbo2549d ago (Edited 2549d ago )

this could do for music what LBP did for platforming

Darth Stewie2548d ago

Looks like a unique title which is just what the Vita needs. I just hope this does not cost $40

blusoops2548d ago

Although they haven't said anything on pricing I really hope it's a psn title. $20 max.

MasterCornholio2548d ago

PS Vita = Platform of innovative new IPS

Cant wait for it to come out

r212548d ago

looking forward to this and all other vita titles.