PoV: Will Satoru Iwata be fired?

A recent rumor suggests that Satoru Iwata is on the hot seat. What are the chances that he'll actually be fired?

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DarkCharizard_2248d ago (Edited 2248d ago )

Short answer - No.



NewMonday2247d ago

Filies-Ame is the one that should be fierd

christheredhead2248d ago

i think its highly unlikely that iwata will be fired. i mean anything is possible, but i really doubt it would happen. nintendo hit a little speed bump with the 3ds, but they'll recover no problem.

dark-hollow2248d ago

They are already recovering!
It's been selling like hot cakes since the price cut.

perfectCarbonara2248d ago

Thats what 'things' do. When 'things' become cheaper they tend to sell like hotcakes for a while.

dark-hollow2248d ago (Edited 2248d ago )

But it's still selling very good! I didn't ask for an explanation.
Or Does that somehow nullify the fact that's it's selling very well??

Genghis2248d ago

lol perfectcarbonara get out

tiffac0082248d ago

The only way Iwata will be fired is if the 3DS do very poorly this holiday and if the Wii U flops next year.

Is there a probability that could happen, maybe. Is it a probability it will happen, maybe not.

Godmars2902248d ago

For Nintendo to even be considering this they'd have to admit that the Wii was a mistake. That it sold yet failed to establish an install base. If the 3DS is a fail wouldn't do it alone.

dark-hollow2248d ago

What a wonderful mistake that made them outsold the competition!

jacksonmichael2248d ago

Iwata? No. Reggie? God, I hope so.

Alos882248d ago

"Reggie, you're fired."
"But my body isn't ready!"

WooHooAlex2248d ago (Edited 2248d ago )

Don't let Reggie see that, he will find you and kick your ass.

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