New video footage and screen shots released for PSVita game Malicious

New video footage and screen shots released for PSVita game Malicious.

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pedrami912487d ago

The footage sadly isn't real and is in no indication to how it may look on the Vita.

but hopefully it will look and play close to it's PS3 counterpart.

zinki332487d ago

Yes it is totally fake,.. Screens are real as far as I know,..I am perfectly confident it will look the same,.. I really hope they fix camera and lock-on from PS3 version a bit,.. Otherwise it is surprisingly deep game,..

gaffyh2487d ago

When did they announce this for PSVita? I want a PS3 version in English first.

HebrewHammer2487d ago

damn, too bad.

looked liked a Bayonetta and Dynasty Warrior love child

Godmars2902487d ago

Hopefully the PSV version will still be playable, and available, on Western PS3s.

HardcoreGamer2487d ago

this is not exactly footage of vita gameplay,

its a shame you are getting disagrees

baker_boi2487d ago


Who told you this footage was fake? Or what source did it from from that this isnt the vita engine?

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dark-hollow2487d ago

I have a feeling that the psp vita will replicate the ps1/ps2 success but in the handheld market.

It has everything you want in a handheld, with a little more support from Sony and third party developers they can do it!

CloseSecond2487d ago

I think that is being overly optimistic.

JAMurida2487d ago

Rather see that game on PSN right now for US/EU.

Beetey2487d ago

So I'm guessing this will be a PSN only launch title?

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