Video Footage of GTA 4 Amazing Texture Pack by Gionight

Screenshots for this incredible lighting and texture pack were released on the internet to massive fanfare, but now you can see if they were real or touched up, with this 1080p footage

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gaffyh2300d ago

If it looked like this when it came out, I probably would have played it a little more, I got bored after a few hours like I always do with GTAs

Hellsvacancy2300d ago

But does it make the gameplay better, no, what was it that mofo said? "you can put lipstick on a pig, but its still a pig"

gaffyh2300d ago

Probably doesn't make it play any better, but the pop-in was horrible, which put me off from playing it even more. So if this rectified that problem (doubtful) then I might try it out again.

Dee_912300d ago

it just seem like they are just enhancing colors and reflections etc .. GTA iv graphics have always looked nice to me

EazyC2300d ago

Heh...Your avatar.

*clicks agree button*


casuaIGAM3R2300d ago

Can't wait for next gen :D

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