All-time best cyberpunk games (PCA)

PCA: "By the time you read this, Deus Ex: Human Revolution will have stormed game stores across the country, infecting a whole new generation of gamers with the gritty iconography of the cyberpunk genre. While the Deus Ex series gets most of the plaudits, there have been many great cyberpunk games over the years, beginning - fittingly - with 1988's Neuromancer on the Apple II.

Over the next few pages, we pay tribute to some of the landmark games in the genre. Dyspotian futures, sentient machines, morally ambiguous hackers, sinister global corporations - it can all be found here."

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Cpt_kitten2373d ago

i think they should do more with cyber punk area, its a really interesting area if you can do it right

plus modern war got boring after the first 50 games and post apocalypse is always the same color template of brown

NarooN2373d ago

STALKER was post-apocalypse and it wasn't anywhere close to all-brown. Love that series.

sonicsidewinder2373d ago

Thing is, I don't want it to become 'overused'.

Ser2373d ago

No Snatcher? I am disappoint.