Bioware: Mass Effect 3 To Have More RPG Elements, Will Have More Customization And Options

GB: "Mass Effect 3 is one of those games that is sitting very high on my most anticipated list of 2012. And anyone who has played Mass Effect 2 should feel the same.

Eventhough Mass Effect 2 was one of the stellar games of 2010, it had it's fair amount of shortcomings. One of them being the fact that the game leaned more towards shooting mechanics over role playing elements, something which was not the case in the original Mass Effect."

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DarkCharizard_2297d ago (Edited 2297d ago )

More RPG = Moar Win ..!!


I hope you agree




gameseveryday2297d ago (Edited 2297d ago )

Yes. I miss the indepth the rpg mechanics in Mass Effect 1. Eventhough Mass Effect 2 was a better game I think it kinda drifted and became a shooter rather than a RPG.

WolfLeBlack2297d ago

Here's hoping Mass Effect 3 gives us the best of both worlds, then; plenty of RPG elements and fun shooting.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32297d ago

And all this will happen before you go into options and turn off the auto-leveling.

Tony P2297d ago

Don't get me wrong. I'd still like to play, and I like the ME series.

But I don't really believe much of what BioWare says anymore.

MaideninBlack2297d ago

I thought rpgs weren't relevant anymore...

WolfLeBlack2297d ago

In some ways I guess they aren't. Mostly because RPG elements are turning up everywhere now, I reckon.

Enate2297d ago

That was a joke from Maiden, taking a crack at one of bioware's employees statements from a few days ago.

evrfighter2297d ago

that was before they played deus ex HR

smilydude132297d ago

Don't get all the disagrees. Bioware themselves said that RPG's are irrelevant now.

Detoxx2297d ago

RPG's are one of the best games, skyrim in november and then me3 when its out

ChillZzz2297d ago

I hate to say this but for this series all I care right now is story more than anything else.

strange19862297d ago

Considering all the articles and quotes I see reassuring fans of the glorious return of RPG elements, it better not disappoint.

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