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Dealspwn: "After years of asking, we finally have our PlayStation phone, the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play. The Xperia Play comes with a 16GB memory card, which we soon populated with a few games for a quick review and a look at a few of the phone’s features. Our sister site, Mobot, did a more technical review here.

With an aim to improve sales, the price of the device has recently been slashed by almost a half to around £299 for those wishing to purchase the handset on its own. So let’s take a look from a gamer’s perspective at how the device holds up."

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Neko_Mega2519d ago

Wish I had this phone now, but I'm stuck with my lame Droid X. Which so far the new updates have remove alot of things from it and screw up the things that made it good.

CloseSecond2519d ago

Echos of PSP Go all over again. Honestly, I'm going to wait at least 12 months after Vita's release before I decide to buy or not.

Ulf2519d ago

I got one. It's a great phone, and the gamepad/keys are a huge, huge deal. I honestly wouldn't trade it for some of the power hungry Tegra2 phones my pals have picked up recently. Mine lasts for like 48 hours straight on a single charge, and it performs great.

Spinal2519d ago

Totally. Loving my xperia play especially for the emulation. Havin actual buttons makes a huge difference for my mobile gaming i dont miss my old iphone4 at all.

Chrono2519d ago (Edited 2519d ago )

It's perfect for emulation, but the Android gaming library isn't very good in general. It's kind of expensive (bought it for $665, no contract), but it's a very nice high-end phone. Perfect for my needs.