Resistance 3 - Review - 9/10

Czech video game magazine published Resistance 3 review.

Resistance 3 is the biggest surprise of this year yet - 9/10.

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DarkCharizard_2398d ago ShowReplies(5)
aviator1892398d ago

Hopefully, it's a sign of good things to come from the game.

units2398d ago

has anyone ever heard of this site?

Fishy Fingers2398d ago

Dont be silly, you only question the source if they give it a low score ;)

Tuxedoassassin2398d ago

I´m a long age user there, so yeah, in Czech it´s a pretty popular site.
Not biased even with lot of PS3 fanboys.

Anyway looking forward to the Resistance 3, even it´s not a must buy for me, Insomniac always delivered a fun game to me. :P

Istanbull2398d ago

RESISTANCE 3 will be the GOTY shooter after Battlefield 3!

solidworm2398d ago

Darkchirizard knock it off stealthTroll,you aint awesome enough to own a next gen console brother.

Bobets2398d ago

ohh look bots still has no exclusive to play they are already swarming resistance 3 reviews!

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The story is too old to be commented.