Buy Metro 2033 at 75% Off

Get in the hype of the Metro series, get yourself a copy of Metro 2033 at 75% off! Today only, the price has been cut down from $30 to $7.50.

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Mcardle2639d ago

Amazing game well worth it.

Solid_Snake-2639d ago

i already own this and would recommend it to you all.

uber settings look amazing.

arvfab2639d ago

On the european Steam, it's 2.50€ !!

TABSF2639d ago

Yep, total steal

Could not find this in a bargain bin with no case for that cheap.

Steam/PC it really only does everything!

ChillZzz2639d ago

This game has the most immersive world I've ever seen since Gothic 2.

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