A Protagonist Is NOT You

Nightmare Mode again explores the nature of the protagonist and comes to the conclusion that protagonists are not a projection of the player.

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Cpt_kitten2662d ago

ummmm if that's the way the developers designed it that's the way it is

Jormungandr2662d ago

since I'm fealing particularly philosophical today... look up something called "Death of the Author."

Basically the concept is that the author's interpretation is irrelevant. Only the readers interpretation actually matters.

If extended into the realm of interactive fiction then, yes, it is the player's job to make something meaningful out of the protagonist character.

Lavalamp2662d ago

I-I'm not the Master Chief?

Flavor2662d ago

Do any of these bloggers have someone else read their stuff before posting it, you know, to check to see if it is coherent?

Miths2662d ago

I'm so relieved to have this confirmed by an blogger - I was really a bit worried that my inclination to play as FemShep, or buying the occasional game with a female protagonist, might be an indication of deep seated issues related to gender confusion and sexuality.

I guess now I can safely just go ahead and guide those protagonists through their respective games as if I was merely controlling them with a gamepad or a keyboard.

And I really hope this separation also extends to other media, as I'm currently reading a novel that has had me question whether I might in fact be a) a young women engaging in assorted sexual orgies with men and women, b) an extremely fat technology expert, c) several different bionically enhanced super soldiers of both genders, d) an alien sharing some outwardly characteristics with an elephant.

EcoSos32662d ago

If people want to feel they are the protagonist just let them be. (I still have to save Zelda in my next adventure)

krautgamer2662d ago

Tt still botheres me that Gordon Freeman doesn´t talk, shows no emotions at all and i think if he wasn´t on the boxart we wouldnt even know how he looks.
The problem is Gordon actually has a life before the events of Black Mesa.. he is a physicist (or else..never playd hl1).
So I know I play a person who is a physicist. In rl i am no physicist so i dont know how Gordon feels or what he thinks.
For me Gordon Freeman is just an empty shell..
Hl2 is the only game i dont like as much just becasue the protagonist doesn talk.

In bioshock e.g the protagonist says 2 sentences in the intro. thats enough for me. i know i´m playing a guy who wants to visit his parents.
and i enjoyed the hell out of it!

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