Microsoft X'11 event impressions (MSXB)

Microsoft held its annual game showcase event in Toronto Canada recently. Here are some impressions from the rather spectacular sounding event.

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Bigpappy2663d ago

"Forza Motorsport 4 was the only racer present at X'11, but frankly, after seeing the Autovista Mode and the new Alps track running at 60 frames per second (both in gameplay and replay mode - a new benchmark for the franchise), any other racer would have been smart to stay far out of the way of Turn 10's sublime racing sim anyway. Two years ago, Forza 3 deservedly took away Gran Turismo's crown for best overall racer, and did it so deftly that the then still-unreleased Gran Turismo 5 could not surpass it in quality a year later, but Forza 4 will put any doubts of this victory to rest. Simply put, there is no racer on the planet that will look as good, play as well or offer a feature set and variety of vehicles as well-rounded as Forza Motorsport 4 when it ships this October (Let's hope that Polyphony Digital is taking notes)."

Wow! I don't think he needed to go there. I have not played either, so I can not really comment on that comment.