Thoughts on the console war

This is a different perspective, on how people view fanboys and the console war.

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potedude2638d ago

It was kinda fun to be a fanboy, particularly as the PS3 was so far behind in sales and games, it was like going for the underdog.

But now its just boring. I like this, you like that, shall we hate each other and send inflammatory remarks about each others mothers as a result?

The consoles are pretty similar, PC lovers go on about their graphics. PS3 lovers have the awesome exclusives, 360 lovers have kinect and Gears. Its all good...

chad22hkd2638d ago

Yeah I agree, and most of it can be childish and stupid. But thats true the amount of passion gamers have. And it's fun to see how the companies compete. But me I love all good games, I don't care where they come from.

DarkCharizard_2638d ago (Edited 2638d ago )

Most HW Sales = Wii
Most SW Sales = Wii
Overall best titles = PS3
Overall best exclusive titles = Wii
Overall best online experience = Xbox 360

Most Profitable Company = Nintendo
Least Profitable company = Sony

^ That's the console war in a nutshell. I'm gonna get a lot of da disagreez 4 statin da factz bu wht cn I say..?? I'm awesome!

TheXtreme2638d ago

"Overall best exclusive titles = Wii "



iamnsuperman2638d ago (Edited 2638d ago )

@DarkCharizard 3 of those "facts" are subjective. (I will give you a hint the three that start with overall). So there not really facts. Big part of this console what different people prefer. And that is what you think but a lot would disagree. To claim they are facts is fanboyish and moronic

Tito082638d ago

@ DarkCharizard_ it's false dude, no facts!!!!

Of course, Wii has sold the most hardware this gen along with Mario and Co., but this gen is very much dominated by Sony and Microsoft when it comes to both exclusives and 3rd party games, and kids growing up already wants a better machine than the Wii, the Wii isn't appealing anymore, unless they bring Zelda and some other interesting games!!!!!

yabhero2636d ago

@Tito08 that my friend is why WiiU will dominate

cpayne932636d ago

I'm getting tired of this pokeymon guy. You just made that stuff up.

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iamnsuperman2638d ago

You must not have heard of the latest trend. The console war is dieing in favour of the game war. Before it was like "PS3 sucks 360 rules" and now it is "MW3 sucks BF3 rules". It is equally as stupid. It like some people actually have to much time on their hands

CakedOne2638d ago

That is true, and even if we had only one console people would still argue. But I'm just saying we give too much negative attention to the console war and fanboys. When in a way the console war is exciting. And at least fanboys and gamers have so much passion for this medium. So I actually think its kind of a good thing.

chad22hkd2638d ago

Yeah and arguments will never stop. But you have to admit it's exciting to see who will sell the most this year. MW3 or BF3 I mean the quality of Battlefield 3 is amazing. And we have 2 of the biggest game companies competing with each other. It will be interesting if the quality of Battlefield 3 can take away from the insane following of MW3!


Xbox 360, PS3, Wii?
It's all subjective, and depending on your needs and usage, they all come out on top in their own ways. These arguments are always circular, and everyone thinks they're right. All of them are good.

tiffac0082638d ago (Edited 2638d ago )

Its not like there hasn't been any fanboys before but this generation by far has been the most polarizing for the gaming community. Too much hate and trolling going around.

Xbots - Our 3rd party games sells better etc...
PS fanboys - We have more exclusives etc...
Nintendo fanboys - Ninty don't milk their franchise etc...
PC fanboys - graphics, graphics, graphics. PERIOD
Hacker fanboys - We want anarchy on the net, we don't care who's data is stolen etc... (how can you support Black hats? Supporting Grey hats like Geo sure but Black hats?)
Anime haters - If it looks like Anime its sh!t. While boasting they don't even watch Anime. (Probably have only seen Naruto or Pokemon in their life)
Western haters - They make only shooters and easy to play RPGs (aka no grinding) You see this alot in 4chan.
Gamer fanboys - MW vs BF just as one example.
Mobile fanboys - The consoles and dedicated handheld market is dead the smartphones/iPad/iPhone will take over.

And you would think the social media would actually unite gamers but after gaming became mainstream the community just fractured.

Apple hasn't even officially entered the market just imagine if their fanboys starts invading as well.

yabhero2636d ago

You know Naruto is the best anime out there

user8586212638d ago

Competition is good..... fanboys are annoying its just a damn console for gods sake! -_-'

skyblue142132638d ago

Title of article:
"Thoughts on the console war"

-I can sum it up in 12 words:
It is very stupid, just enjoy the games and not the blame.

josephps32638d ago

2007:PS3 SUCKS. $600 for a machine that plays the same games and worse(madden07) and the few exclusives are embarassingly bad (Genji, Lair, Haze)

2012: PS3 ROCKS. $250 for Bluray, Non proprietary HD, Free Online, Free wireless, multi platforms equal now, exclusives are great.

My Loyalty is to my money. I don't have loyalties to either Sony or Microsoft. I want the most bang for my hard earned dollar.

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