436 Riddler Trophies to be Found in Batman: Arkham City Dax Ginn has revealed there will be a mighty 436 Riddler trophies to collect in Batman: Arkham City!

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JonahNL2490d ago

Holy smokes! o.0 And I thought Arkham Asylum was filled to the brim. Can't wait to get that brain of mine cracking. Rocksteady, I love you!

badz1492490d ago

and with 400+ of them, I hope they will got even lamer than some of them already were!

Quagmire2490d ago

How the hell do you hide 400 trophies?! thats insane!

t0mmyb0y2490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

It clearly says 436, not 400

mobijoker2490d ago

Arkham city seems to be packed with adventures in every inch....

Gran Touring2490d ago

This game is going to be HUGE

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