Review: Xenoblade Chronicles ( reviews Xenoblade Chronicles for Nintendo Wii.

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jacksonmichael2640d ago

It usually infuriates me when people comment and say "Put it on PS3 and I'll buy it," but with this game (even though that's impossible) at least if it were coming to PS3, I could play it. Region locks and moronic COOs... Nintendo, we're through.

... I still love you, Nintendo... for now.

NewMonday2640d ago

Never coming, Nintendo first party game (or second?).

Fortunately my nephew is ignoring his Wii, so I'm going to "procure" it for this game.

jacksonmichael2640d ago

I know. Hence, "even though that's impossible." I assumed that if someone clicked into this article, they'd know that by now.

Foxgod2640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

The scores for this game puzzle me a bit, ive tried it, and it feels a bit awkward.

You do battle in this game by selecting an opponent, and then choosing from a selection of skills, while your character is hacking away uncontrolled at the enemy's, all you can do is circle around the enemy and watch how the fight unfolds....

While i must admit, the plot is awesome, society's living on huge golems, fighting out a rivalry that once belonged to the golems themselves.
However the battle system seems to be very simple and lacking in control, while the areas are large, but flat and dull.

Large areas done right can be found in the Elder scroll series, where the environment is always filled with lush tree's, plants and wild life.
In Xenoblade however its just open areas with some trees or a rock here and there.
Same with the city's, all the buildings are way too far from each other, making strolling around a pain to endure.
It also gives an very empty feeling to the city's.

Ofcourse each to their own, if you enjoy this game, go for it, but to me this game doesnt feel right.

guitar_nerd_232640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

If all you have to do is "circle around the enemy and watch how the fight unfolds" then you really havent given it a fair chance.

I think the landscapes are great aside form obvious texture limitations, theres a ton of nice views to be had.

Did you play your way out of Colony 9 even? It sounds like you haven't....

Go put the disc back in and give a fair go.

laaakokaracha2640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

the battlesystem has way more depth than described by you...try any RPG for 1 hour and you will see that all battles seem boring and linear...give it another try and you will know what I mean

zinki332640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

It is pretty awesome,..
@Fox ,.. It really gets a lot deeper with time,..

I would not mind to see it in HD with AA and aniso,.. /I don't even mind texture reso and low poly count as much,../ It would look just so much more beautiful with some AA and aniso,..If nothing else,.. interface would take a bit less of the screen vs gameplay, if it was higher res,..not much but still

Otherwise,.. I think leg? actually looks aesthetically better then FF13's pulse? by a mile,.. Some scenery is just breathtaking,..

I am also playing with wiimote,.. so perhaps I am half-assing it,.. because camera control without the second stick,.. is well not the best think ever made,. but the game is beautiful and really deep,..

Really well thought out game,..on so many levels,.. Apparently it is totally Ninteno's ip ,..but would not mind seeing something of this magnitude on PS Vita,..

tiffac0082640d ago

I envy you guys who have played this game...

NESpower2640d ago

I only have seen awesome things about this game from gamers/reviews.

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