Expect a Big Persona 4-Related Announcement Soon

Last week, Atlus revealed a teaser site in which may seems a Persona 4 related announcement. Today, Dengeki Magazine revealed that Atlus’ teaser site is indeed about Persona 4 and we should hear more about it in their next issue.

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Yi-Long2638d ago

... along with a couple of free episodes for the new anime-series, probably.

MightyMark4272638d ago

that I'm hoping would come true :)

NewMonday2637d ago

P4 is a great game and better than P3 IMOO, with multiple endings, a re-release is great is great because many missed it in the last days of the PS2

Cpt_kitten2637d ago (Edited 2637d ago )

that would be cool but it will prolly be p4p and or v due to the fact if they were to bring p4 to the ps3 they would have to bring p3 as well which i wouldnt mind

but i want my p5 announcement or any console SMT announcement

NewMonday2637d ago

The next one is Devil Survivor 2 on the DS, DS1 was a great MegaTen game along with P3&P4

Lovable2637d ago

My all time favorite game and imo best game ever made...Can't wait for it.

user8586212637d ago (Edited 2637d ago )

Persona 4 3DS in 3D please!!! <3 playing through devil survivor atm and loving the hell out of it!!

hell cant wait to see what future shin megami games come to the 3DS xD

Swiggins2637d ago

No...No 3DS....Stop That.

CaptainSheep2637d ago

God, P4 remade for PS3! C'mon! I'll pay 100$ for it! COME ON!! **explodes**

Inception2637d ago

maybe P4 for vita...but i really want Atlus make P5 >.<

NewMonday2637d ago

Me 2, did you know that the engine for Catherin was originally developed for P5, but the dev team had an off-beat idea that they wanted to do first (Catherin) so it was delayed.

Inception2637d ago

Yeah, i knew about it. Before making P5, they want to do some trial first and that trial is catherine. And with the 'everybody loves catherine' respone, i think it's positive that atlus will make P5 sooner or later.

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