Mirei Kiritani: "Playing video games is when I can be the real me"

She's a cover girl for a fashion magazine with a circulation of about 350,000 and the movies she stars in premiere one after another--model-actress Mirei Kiritani's star is rising fast.

"Besides the modeling and acting, she's just a normal girl," says her manager. And Kiritani says she spends her days off just like she writes about on her blog, "Hanging around the house." Dressed in sweat pants, she goes back and forth from bed to couch, plays video games and watches DVDs.

Coordinating work and school is tough, but Kiritani enjoys her student life. For fun she plays video games with her classmates in the cafeteria between classes.

"This time with my friends is when I can be the real me. It refreshes me," Kiritani says.

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Miiikeyyy2669d ago (Edited 2669d ago )

Yeah the real her: lying on her couch in her underwear with empty packets of crisps, cups and other left overs scattered around her. She's got remains of her lunch down her face and she cant be arsed to go to the toilet cus she's too occupied in gaming.

ChillZzz2669d ago

What the hell is wrong with you ?

Baka-akaB2669d ago

remind me again how is this even an issue ?

Ness-Psi2669d ago

hey how did you get in my house?!!

nickjkl2669d ago

hmm there's no mention of mario or zelda in the article she might be a real gamer people

LoaMcLoa2669d ago

"Oh, I also play CoD!"

Damn, so close!

kza2669d ago

sounds like the perfect girl friend lol.