Resistance 3 Gameplay Images From PAX Prime 2011

Skewed and Reviewed have posted some gameplay images from Resistance 3 at PAX Prime 2011.

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Garethvk2579d ago

The game is looking good, cant wait to play more than the beta.

Garethvk2578d ago

Played more of it today, was really impressed with it and how it handled. Not as murky or touchy with the controls as the past two.

fabiani2578d ago

r3 envirements have a more physical presence as if its thier like the buildings

fabiani2578d ago

i wonder how much better looking iz the sp from the beta cant tell.i just want some darker levels in multiplayer fk dem bright levels.I miss the full grey tone r1 had i liked it throughout fk color.i hope the gun models look a bit better tho.I havent heard nutin about the boss fight that was bigger then the goliath they spoke of early on.The reviews havent mentioned anything about them just the widow makers.When i first heard of the leviathen I thaught it be a long hard fight in a small sandbox like evnvirement fighting n running in different buildings but no it was extreemly linear n easy.hugest dispointment ever.WASTE OF POLYGONS N PIXELS SHADERS ETC lol.FO REAL

fabiani2578d ago

Y HAVE A HUGE BOSS IF IT AINT A PROPER FIGHT.I sware the goliath better not be easy to kill with a laark in front of it ughugh.r2 izzz soo fail wen it comes to bosses.random but it be cool if nathen hale became like dead space needs a wesker type villian aswell.i miss they days wen there were good boss fights.

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