ASUS MARS II With Matrix GTX580 is The Fastest Single Graphics Card on The Market

The ASUS MARS II has hit stores and so far reviews have been more than pleasing for gamers. HotHardware said the dual GTX 580-packing card was “quite simply the fastest single graphics card we have ever tested, bar none.” Similar responses have appeared from all other reviewers.

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Motorola2300d ago

That thing is a MONSTER.

evrfighter2300d ago

only 999 will be made =\

Kakkoii2299d ago


There are plenty of rich PC gamers who have lots of money to throw around to get the best of the best. They don't really care too much about the price tag.

starchild2300d ago (Edited 2300d ago )

It's a beast, but it also has a beastly price tag. It's definitely out of my budget. I'm ok with my HD 6950 for right now.

Marcus Fenix2300d ago

ur card is nowhere near outdated, I'd hold onto it if I had it and whenever in the future u felt a need 2 boost performance just crossfire it for a cheap price.

ATi_Elite2300d ago (Edited 2300d ago )

that's one TRIPLE slot fat bastard of a card and for $1,400 it's not worth the money when you put it against the competition.

The competition is right there with it and then skip to the power consumption and see this pig suck 600 watts from your socket which is CRAZY!!

I would like to see multi-monitor performance but I've seen enough to know it's Not worth $1,400 at all!

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Marcus Fenix2300d ago

santa can't afford this, so stop bugging him.

2pacalypsenow2300d ago

$1,499 and 600watts ..........

GamersRulz2300d ago (Edited 2300d ago )

$1499, I started to think about next gen consoles prices.

Motorola2299d ago

Cheaper to just get 2 Physical GTX 580s. Same price to get 3 of them..

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