RollerCoaster Tycoon coming to the 3DS

In the latest Nintendo Power magazine, it has been revealed that a new RollerCoaster Tycoon is coming to the 3DS. Developed by n-Space, the game will be built from the ground up with brand new assets for the 3DS.

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Muffins12232642d ago

Good game,but not gonna buy 3ds,if i had 10,000 dollars i would but ima buying ngp :)

Muffins12232641d ago

naa :) Ngp is more powerful than a wii and touche pad on back 2 cameras,both HD.3g network,i could go on and on about how much features ngp had and how much more powerful than it than a 3ds...ngp is between a ps2 and ps3,3ds has GameCube graphics.... in fact it has less power than it fail...

Hufandpuf2642d ago

Why for the love of god don't they just make another one for PC!? I've waited long enough!

Nitrowolf22642d ago

yeah I want a new one aswell

DarkBlood2641d ago

are they not making a 4th one from what i heard?

Disccordia2641d ago

Atari asked for ideas on the rct3 forums which means they are thinking about it and possibly by now in early stages of production. But nothing has been confirmed yet

Cablephish2642d ago

Awww, I'd get this for Vita if they made it...

vglulz2642d ago (Edited 2642d ago )

I wouldn't be surprised to see a RollerCoaster Tycoon game on Vita at some point down the line.

Shnazzyone2642d ago

Oh sony fanboys, Still touting a system that isn't even out yet. I've seen maybe 6 games for vita, 3 worth playing 1 must own. It's gonna be real sad when it comes out after all the hype your giving it right now.

vglulz2642d ago (Edited 2642d ago )

That's why I don't own a PSP or PS3, and probably won't buy a Vita for a year or two after launch when the price is more reasonable.

But yeah, massive Sony fanboy over here. I will defend them with my life.

I believe you just derp'd all over my screen. Please clean it up.

FredEffinChopin2642d ago

Somebody says that a game might come to Vita and that means they're touting the system? Or that he's being fanboyish? The only thing fanboyish here is the way you put words into his mouth as an excuse for you to insert your Vita putdown into the conversation. You aren't fooling anyone, ok pot?

Cablephish2641d ago

@Schnazzyone, I didn't mean it that way, I owned a 3DS previously, and all I got was Zelda. I managed to get a complete return on it because they were out of stock on 3DS's, so at that moment I decided to wait for the Vita. And yeah, I feel I've become a Sony fanboy recently, but I've still got a DSi, and I still indulge in Nintendo games pretty often. They could port the original Rollercoaster Tycoon and I'd be satisfied, lol.

Shnazzyone2641d ago (Edited 2641d ago )

@vglulz Good job editing that comment. Before you stated EVERYTHING was coming for it. Little odd you'd change your words so quickly. Then claim I'M putting words in your mouth.

BTW, Yup, Nintendo fanboy here, representing is all. Glad i kept my 3ds. Gonna love playing all those games again. Might be a wait for the worthwhile titles, however all launch lineups suck. I'm accustomed. In the meantime. It's plenty of fun. I'm a photography nut and being able to mess with 3d photography is just entertaining to me.

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battyschlaps1222642d ago

YES!! Thank you n-Space.

The Schlaps as spoken.

Shnazzyone2642d ago

Sweet I love this franchise. I can't wait to make some lewdly named rides.

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