Dante Speaks. An Interview With Voice Actor Reuben Langdon

"TGL spoke to Dante voice actor Reuben Langdon about how he got started in the industry, his production company, how he landed the role of Dante and his take on the forthcoming DMC reboot."

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tiffac0082639d ago

I think players where more accepting of DMC3 because 2 was just so bad and 4 wasn't that bad. Furthermore Dante didn't look like a drug addict nor is he an Angel!

I mean its not Angel may Cry its Devil may Cry! (I just hope Ninja Theory has a good reason for that Angel mode)

MaideninBlack2639d ago

"I just hope Ninja Theory has a good reason for that Angel mode."

Yeah, to copy Bayonetta.

dark-hollow2639d ago

3 was ok the second was just horrible.
The fourth is not and but the playing the same stages second time as Dante is just lazy filling the disk from them.

VileAndVicious2639d ago

Dmc 4 was bad. Why do you guys deny this?

HeavenlySnipes2639d ago

As a non DMC fan that didn't play any of them except for 4, 4 was average at MOST. The fact that they basically made you play the game again a Dante really made the game dip to a 7/10 from maybe an 8/10 for me. You'd have to be a hardcore fan to say that game above average.

Tanir2639d ago

4 was a great game, stupid choices with dante but still gameplay was awesome, and yes i though nero was cool, not cooler than dante or vergil, but a welcome membo of silver haired dudes

The_Devil_Hunter2629d ago

The gameplay in DMC4 was not bad but the backtracking levels was a pain.

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Chitown712912639d ago

Before you destroy this franchise, why dont you just make this a whole new game all together. Dont call him Dante, dont make it a remake/ reboot. Just make it a game all in its own. Then, you dont have to worry about destroying the fanbase you have with the real Devil May Cry, and you can possibly start a whole new franchise! Just please dont do this....I love Devil May Cry (Minus 2). That was basically my whole gaming life on PS2. I really love Dante, and this just isnt him. Please dont mess this up Capcom, and just do what I said above......please.

jc485732639d ago (Edited 2639d ago )

People are still forgetting that this is a reboot. We're not even sure if this is going to be the same Dante. Dante's mom might not be human anymore. Trish and Lady might not even be in the game anymore. Maybe it's a whole DmC universe altogether.

TBH, DMC has to be one of the most inconsistent franchises if you compare it with games like Onimusha. It was never the same for every game.

tiffac0082639d ago

I don't think people has problems with reboots, I've seen a fair share of them but changing an iconic character is just hard to swallow.

Not seeing Trish and Lady would be even worse for me.


I think you misinterpreted what we said. What we meant is DMC4 ain't as bad as DMC2, no one is saying its not bad. lol!

If its between DMC2 and DMC4 of course DMC2 takes the cake as the worse in the franchise.

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Quagmire2639d ago

"Yeah, I’ve been getting a lot of Facebook messages and emails about it and yes, I suppose I’m not that much of a fan of the direction it is going but also that’s the feeling a lot of Devil May Cry 1 fans had going into Devil May Cry 3"

Finally, someone with half a brain to realise we all should wait for the game to actually release before we can make a better judgement.

dark-hollow2639d ago

Let's see:

The game is developed by a western developers and we know what happens when a western developers make a Japanese game (silent hill comes to mind)

DMC is all about fast fluid gameplay which is ninja theory is NOT famous for.

Changed style and art. Dante looks like a drug addict and based on the douchbag who develop the game.

The art style is very boring and bland, just like DMC 2

30fps for a hack n slash game is laughable

All that and you don't want us to worry???

Quagmire2639d ago

I'm sorry, have you played the game? No, so then be quiet.

Rush2639d ago


I guess you really want to spend 12 hours or however long the campaign is looking at a digital representation of the developers backside.

I however will not put up with his emo popus bull crap ruining Dante simply because he wants to make out with himself.

And if you don't believe it's that bad watch the interviews, this game is not being developed for it's fans none of them clearly like the new character design.

It's being developers as the popus little developers love child, if your willing to support that more power to you.

VileAndVicious2639d ago


One minute and fifteen seconds.
Thats the amount of gameplay that has been shown so far.

But you know.... Sometimes i like to just walk into a movie for about a minute and fifteen seconds and decide whether or not the rest of it will be good or bad... (sarcasm)

jc485732639d ago (Edited 2639d ago )

Keep in mind that the people behind DMC3 developed DMC2 as well. You gave DMC3 a second chance, so I don't see why you wouldn't give DmC an opportunity to prove you wrong. Right now, you're just being stereotypically bias.

Even if DMC3 people had nothing to do with DMC2, then this just proves that there's no real "DMC TEAM" behind the series.

Eamon2629d ago

Obviously, we will have to wait to see the final result but forgive us if we're still sceptical about this title from what we've seen so far.

And if it does turn out shit, then it just shows we were right. If it turns out great, then let's buy donuts and send them to Ninja Theory.

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Inception2639d ago

"TGL: So what do you make of the new revised Ninja-Theory DMC?

RL: With regards to the new one, I don’t have any part in it, I haven’t been asked and I do believe that’s it probably too late in the game for me to come on board, even if they did ask me to voice or do any motion capture or anything like that"

So, Reuben isn't participating in here?
well i don't expect DmC have crazy action & good voice act like DMC 3 / 4 and that's "Bye2 DmC + R.I.P Dante" for me ;)

VonAlbrecht2639d ago

"I should have been the one to fill this dark role with LiiiIIIIGHTTT!!!"

Eamon2629d ago (Edited 2629d ago )

Hahaha. That's a classic scene. One that fans will never forget.

ChipChipperson2639d ago

Awesome. Thanks TGL, I'm really enjoying the interviews especially David Hayter's interview.

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