War of the Worlds revamps franchise in classic side-scroller fashioned video game

Other Ocean and Paramount have released a developer diary for the upcoming video game WAR OF THE WORLDS coming to PlayStation 3 and Xbox in Fall 2011. These interviews showcase a passion for the original material and strong desire to make something of the license not seen yet in movie form. So far Patrick Stewart of Star Trek fame has been attached to provide the narration with screenwriter Chris Fowler handling the script.

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rabidpancakeburglar2605d ago

I only clicked because of the Patrick Stewart picture. This looks like it could be decent, there aren't enough good 2D games nowadays.

Lucreto2605d ago

Never heard of this game but I might give it a go.

Les-Grossman2605d ago

Is he going to start the games narration with

"Mutants" ?

CynicalVision2605d ago

Patrick Stewart has a great voice for narration, so does Morgan Freeman.

hazelamy2605d ago

morgan freeman's never done a game has he?

you know what would have been awesome?
if he did the narration for bastion.

CanadianTurtle2605d ago

I love alien invasion games, especially the Resistance series. This game looks very interesting too. They've really captured the feeling of an alien invasion so far

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