Five Games Nintendo Needs to Make for the New Wii-U

AC - The next generation of video games arrives with the launch of the Wii-U in 2012. While details have been limited, gamers got a peek into the control scheme and features of the new console with an extended video. After seeing what it can do, there is potential for several games that can take advantage of the unique schemes and really help the Wii-U take off.was the ability to include true online cooperative play in so many games. Sure, we had Halo and Doom on the original Xbox, but the true golden age of co-op began with the Xbox 360.

Many great co-op games are available in the system's library, but there are ten that seem to stand above the rest. All of these games feature full a full cooperative campaign that is playable online (with one notable exception). If you and a friend are looking to have a great time playing together, look no further than these ten great games.

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mike1up2640d ago


I agree, Nintendo must show the potential of the controller on day 1. Not only will it silence the "gimmick" noise, but also to motivate 3rd party developers to get creative.

We gotta see some "core" stuff too -Mezzo-. But who knows how thats gonna go?

jacksonmichael2639d ago

Nothing will silence the "gimmick" noise. People still say the DS was a gimmick.

axisofweevils2639d ago

I'd like a sequel to the DS RPG "The World Ends With You"

They can call it... "The World Ends Wii U"

Ness-Psi2639d ago

they need a metroid game on it.