Gamescom 2011: Battlefield 3 Hands-on Preview (El33tonline)

Oliver at El33tonline writes:

"I had tried getting into the gamescom demonstration room for Battlefield 3 in EA’s business lounge on a number of occasions before, but the entrance was always swarmed with eager journalists waiting in a mosh pit-like formation, all jockeying to see DICE’s incredibly impressive upcoming military-themed first-person shooter.

By the time I managed to get into this room, the game had already been voted ‘Best of the Show’ by gamescom’s official panel of judges, and the crowd encroaching on the demo to this most anticipated showing of Battlefield 3 was quickly dispersed when I asked to take a quick photo of the sign denoting the award, which was slapped proudly right there on the door – the demo attendant was very excited that her game had been recognised with such an honour!"

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Detoxx2637d ago

battlefield 3 is gonna be epic.. cant wait to play the beta!

OliverKO2637d ago

Definitely! I'm going to be in there with you, looking forward to it! ;)