NowGamer - Borderlands 2: Interview With Gearbox Software

NowGamer - We sat down with 2K Games and Gearbox to discuss the Borderlands sequel.

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WhiteLightning2664d ago

So basicaly it's a revenge story...

"The quest of the game is a revenge-filled one where the main character needs to track down Handsome Jack and stop his lies from spreading."

One thing I don't understand....if the guy has been saying HE opened the Vault why the hell are our characters from the last game not getting revenge this is part of THEIR story not the new characters. All these improvments they've made to the new characters could of easily been added to the new ones...and yes I know each Siren gets one ability (for those who would want more abilities for Lilth) but the whole Siren mythology could of been changed in development for Borderlands 2 like for example if a Siren is exposed to more Alien tec on Pandora she'll gain another ability etc.

I really wish they would of just used the old characters, you can play a game with your main character AND STILL find out stuff about them through character development.

So basicaly the new characters are getting involved in something which has nothing to do with them.

Cpt_kitten2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

unless there children or whatever of the other ones, that could be one thing

or like how you were completely manipulated by everyone in the first game it could be like that