Go Ahead and Shoot Elizabeth in BioShock Inifinte. Ken Levine’s Way Ahead of You

Kotaku - "It's in the simulation."

When I spoke with Ken Levine about BioShock Infinite at E3, I was struck by his use of that phrase. The game as he describes it will be a complex concoction of different AIs, each of which exists independently and interacts in unscripted, emergent ways. Two NPCs get into a fight with each other as a third runs off and sounds the alarm; depending on the character's location, an attack blimp swings into sight, firing onto the street. It's not scripted—an encounter in the game can go down any of hundreds of possible ways.

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yog-sothot2606d ago

If a given player starts "shooting Elizabeth in the butt for ten minutes" I would not mind if the IA turned to a scripted behaviour and just tossed the gamer's avatar overboard (remember they are in a flying city ^_^)

Hayabusa 1172606d ago

Dynamic interactive AI: the very thing that Irrational promised us in Bioshock but failed to delivery. I loved playing Bioshock to bits, but I don't think it deserved all the GOTY awards it received. The only time we really saw this symbiotic AI that had relationships with other AI was the Big Daddy/little sister. And that was simply 1 enemy split into 2, not 2 enemies teaming up against you :/

I was hoping that Bioshock Infinite would get it right then, since primarily the interactive AI relationship is only between you and Elizabeth (i.e. Big Daddy and Little Sister; or possibly the other way round :)) instead of ALL the AI in the game world.

But now we're being told to expect all the AI to behave that way: really? Are you really going to deliver this time Ken? The severe lack of dynamic AI was the main let down in Bioshock 1, and because of that I haven't been too excited about Bioshock Infinite. AI attacking each other is nothing new or innovative: Halo was the first game I saw that in, and ofcourse even Bioshock had that, so you're talking about our minimal expectations at the moment. Can I see a REAL dynamic interaction like one enemy picking up a gun and throwing it to his friend? Or maybe the opposite: maybe you disarm one enemy and he escapes and wrestles with another enemy to gain his weapon to kill you...

...ah, a man can dream. I honestly don't think Irrational is going to deliver on this one. Shame. I was hoping that they had learnt their *mistake* and would market Infinite as a linear story driven game in an open world (which is what Bioshock was) but no, they're going for the whole "amazing dynamic/AI/choice" thing.

Here's what I suggest Mr Levine: get out the office, go to your local game shop, pick up a game called Deus Ex 3: Human Revolution and see how's it really done.

Having said all that, I'll probably get Infinite when it comes out and I'm sure it'll be a good game, I just wish they wouldn't make claims they aren't going to deliver on (sometimes Levine reminds me of a more intelligent version of that other guy...what's his name?...ummmm...Molyneux!)