Why Battlefield will never outsell Call of Duty


"So, let’s be realistic shall we…

To put it simply, I’m a realist who enjoys the best of both worlds.

It’s a good thing I didn’t shout “why Call of Duty is better than Battlefield” out over the internet because I am sure we would have several angry mobs heading our way.

I am not here to decide which game is better, I just thought a little insight into why Call of Duty sells so well might be interesting."

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gaminoz2664d ago

I tend to agree. The other point I'd make is that COD has always had the reputation of having a strong single player, where battlefield has mostly been about the multi.

In recent years multi has become a focus for both, but the fact that COD has had more console titles will probably help sell more too.

Jamzluminati2664d ago

Why Call of Duty will never be better than Battlefield.

BadCircuit2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

@ Jazluminati

Not sure I understand you? Do you mean that the fact that COD traditionally has better single player mean it will never be better, or that it has more console titles?

I like single player and care less for multi, so it does sway me somewhat.

stu8882664d ago

sorry but modern warfare 1 is better than any battlefield game, except maybe 3 but you can't say that yet. It revolutionized multiplayer.

theEx1Le2664d ago

@stu888 It revolutionized MP on consoles, theres a difference. Even then i wouldn't say it had that big of an impact, other games had more of an impact.

Pixel_Pusher2664d ago

So with all three major platforms buying the most anticipated game of the year, you don't think it'll out sell COD?

I say it will. :q

jeseth2664d ago

MW3 will be a dissapointment if it doesn't sell 30 million units.

BF3 will be a wild success if it sells 10 million.

COD is a household name. Everyone, man-woman-child knows COD. It has become like Mario but for FPS. BF is still under the radar for most video game players.

Only fanboys cannot see the truth. COD is a Juggernaut that shows no signs of slowing. Especially when an abortion like Black Ops sells 25 million copies.

evrfighter2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

battlefield 1942 > cod

battlefield 2 > cod 2

battlefield 2142 > x1000 cod 3

you see where I'm getting at? battlefield has always been better than cod and it never even had a singleplayer. DICE screwed themselves over by trying to cater to the console crowd and losing all momentum against cod4. In the end they realized the error of their ways and have reaffirmed their love for pc gamers.

TBH I don't even think they should have wasted their time on a singleplayer. save that crap for bad company

Corepred42664d ago

BF fans are soooooo annoying! i'm gonna get cod because more of my friends and family are gonna play, which equals more fun! easy choice. more fun= win! funny cause i think most bf3 players are going to be talking about nothing but COD. "this is way better than cod" and "cod sucks" get of cod's nuts and quit crying. bf will NEVER outsell COD no matter how much quality they put into it.

stu8882664d ago

MW1 revolutionized MP on both PC and console. The customization, killstreaks are now copied by every game out there.

BF2 also revolutionized MP but not to the extent MW1 has, end of!

Winter47th2664d ago

60FPS & Less than 2-seconds respawn timer. The End.

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Gray-Fox-Type02664d ago

Getting both is that hard? COD always has been stronger as overall game (SP,spec ops, survival , mp etc ) but battlefield mp was what I enjoyed more due to its scope..this time around bf finally seem to be taking sp seriously.

BadCircuit2664d ago

Let's hope they are taking single player more serously.

mercsfan2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

Yeah to it's core, CoD is good game. It's just that the people (hackers, glitchers, campers) ruin it.

vickers5002663d ago



Battlefield and CoD are games that don't need stories, and would be better without them. They are both simply fun, mindless shooters. BF and CoD need a SP mode just as much as Dead Space 2 needed MP.

DeadlyFire2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

Ok so you played on a battlefield instead of an online arena like what you are used too. If Bad Company 2 kicked your ass because of realism. Its not realism its that open field you just stepped into.

Map design in Call of Duty MP is a box. Close range combat surrounded by some type of structures in a locked in area. Battlefield has wide open fields, hills, buildings, and tall grass.

MP wise both are great. CoD is great building to building shooter. Battlfield is great open range battlefield game. The point is to be on a battlefield and that is exactly what the game delivers.

I personally don't care much for SP. I just wanna kick someone's ass online.

NAGNEWS2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

battlefield is for those who like to play a over 30min+ match gameplay and COD is for those who like a fast gameplay and its like 10min+

nothing is really wrong with any of them its like option A&B how you like to play -there is no hate for me

i take COD

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Hufandpuf2664d ago

this has been discussed countless times. of course MW3 will outsell so can we just move on plz. Sales do not equal quality.

BadCircuit2664d ago

While I totally agree with you that sales do not equal quality, you can see that EA is trying to steal some of the COD crowd with an allegedly better product.

In the marketing war, sales figures will be used to imply 'who is better' or 'who is the king'.

Before COD, Medal of Honor was king. So public perception can change if something is considered 'more cool'.

I'm interested to see if Battlefield 3 will be such a switch because many are sick of the COD lack of innovation.

Angrymorgan2664d ago

It's like mcdonalds and burger king, mcdonalds sell more, but the quality is at bk :)

Raven_Nomad2664d ago

Sales alone don't equal quality, but repeated sales and sales that top each other annually is a pretty good gauge.

So if sales don't at least gauge quality what exactly does? Is it Metacritic? because COD out does Battlefield on there too.

So you have more people buying COD games and COD getting better scores. Do those combined mean it's better?

I think people use "Sales don't mean quality" BS when it suits them, which is ignorant. The way you hear people at N4G talk, you'd think COD was the worst game of all time, like maybe as bad as Haze or something.

Had Battlefield 3 not been shown on all PC and been a modified (claimed new) engine, then there would be no basis to back Battlefield 3 at all.

As for single player campaigns, COD has always had a pretty damn good one, where as Battlefield has not.

So we know COD is going to have great multiplayer with lots of fast paced action, 60 FPS, probably sell 20+ million, score between 85-95 on Metacritic and have a pretty good campaign.

Battlefield 3 is question marks....??

Hufandpuf2664d ago

MW3: I have 60 FPS.
BF3: I have jets.

I'd take the jets any day.

cyclonus0072664d ago

Metacritc isn't the best indicator of quality because if it was GTA4 would be considered the best game of all time. It was well hyped, everyone rushed to buy it, and critics loved it. Yet it didn't take long for people to turn on it, saying it was overrated.

The Black Ops single player campaign sucked hard and reinforced that the Infinity Ward CoDs are far superior. This would bode well for MW3 if not for the fact that Infinity Ward is now a shell of its former self. MW3 will be the product of one gutted studio and two no-names brought in to pick up the slack.

As for BF3, the console version was shown months ago on Jimmy Fallon and the coop campaign revealed at Gamescom was the console version. The PC version is better but consoles aren't getting the shaft.

My money is on BF3 being the better game. Outside of their CoD Elite nonsense, Activision hasn't shown anything new or improved with MW3. They have been coasting on the CoD name for years and 2011 is no exception.

jeseth2664d ago

@ Raven.

I agree, thanks for being a realist.

@ HufandPuf

Only a little B%&#H Noob wants to drive a Jet or Tank in a shooter and noob kill people. So much for hardcore FPS fans. The more I think about Battlefield the mroe I realize most of them are camping snipers or cowards that jump in the first vehicle they can find.

And they make fun of COD for killstreaks. Jumping in a tank, chopper, or jet is the lamest thing ever. Be a man and shoot a gun.

Angrymorgan2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

Personal preference, gauges quality.

Cod will do better because it's one of the best mp experiences on consoles. It become a yearly ritual, but now bf has come along, until people actually play bf they ain't gonna choose it over cod. See what I'm sayin? For many cod is an impulse buy, however bf will be the superior game IMO

^^lol, man up and play a video game lol

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slaton242664d ago

exactly it will sale more due to middle school kids gettin their hands on it....

Dart892664d ago

Because BF take's skill not like cod where you just hold L1 and spray you're damn gun like a retard and hope you get a kill.

dark-hollow2664d ago

Many things people like about BF 3 but SKILZZ is not one of them.
Do people play for fun these days????

theonlylolking2664d ago

COD takes a different type of skill than battlefield. A battlefield pro would get pwnd in COD and a COD pro would get pwnd in battlefield.

jeseth2664d ago

If you just hold L1 ... all you will do is aim.


BF takes no more skill than COD and vice versa. Get off your soap box. I never knew jumping in a tank, chopper, etc. and spraying artillary was skillful. . . . because that is what happens in BF. At least in COD people shoot guns.

slaton242664d ago

atleast u can do more in bf...those tanks and copters help get rid of people camping by destroyin the tress and buildings....cod is fun if u want a fast pace shooter and bf is fun if u want a team based shooter..i own only battlefied bad company 2 and 3 cod game and i loike them all the same like any true gamer would unlike the fanboys

Cpt_kitten2664d ago

because children and dudebro's wouldn't know a good game if it hit them in the face, all the better too i dont want 12 year olds and people high on whatever drug ruining my game anyway

Leviathan2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

damn those stoners..they ruin every game i play too. /s
Maybe you should just work more buddy.

Cpt_kitten2664d ago

work i do work, about 18 hours a day nice to play a game after and relax

jeseth2664d ago

Soooo you work 18 hours a day and still game?

Lie Much?

Gamer_Z2664d ago

Who cares let masses eat it up, it just means that there will be less annoying kids playing BF3.