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With the vibrant screen of the Vita, it might come as a surprise that one of the most beautiful games coming for the system is black and white. Escape Plan makes use of every bit of that visual potential, though. Only a screen of its capabilities could display the fine gradation of greys the style demands. Screenshots only partly do it justice. The game looks like a fine classic cartoon, lovingly drawn on paper, and come to life on the Vita's screen.

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NewMonday2670d ago

i was personally wishing the PSV will get good 2D games like this and also Alien Spider, I think it fits the handheld well

MasterCornholio2669d ago

Really impressed with the ammount of new IPs that are comming out for the vita. Cant wait to see more.

tarbis2666d ago

This looks like an interesting title. I hope to see more of this. =D