Tech-Gaming | Madden NFL 12 Review

Surviving an exodus by longtime Tiburon veterans Phil Frazier and Ian Cummings as well as a summer lockout that pushed the game back three weeks, Madden NFL 12 has overcame adversity, delivering one of the most rewarding on-field experiences since the beloved NFL 2K5.

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mediastudies2640d ago

B+ huh? Still not worth my $60. Not enough improvements.

sharpsword2640d ago

2K5. Best Football Game ever?

deserteaglexix2640d ago

Well, it did launch at twenty dollars ;)

plumber152639d ago

maybe in your opinion 2k5 was the best but i thought ESPN football was the best . It had helmet view it was cool . I don't remember the year it came out .

NoobJobz2639d ago

Took me a while to figure out what game you were talking about. ESPN Football ( NFL 2k4) is a very good game. So is 2k5. In fact all 2k NFL games were good.

plumber152639d ago

I didn't know that i never played 2k5 maybe i should have done some research before commenting

mediastudies2638d ago

It's cool, it's been what 6 years!