How Nintendo Lost my Loyalty

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"It’s hard to find a gamer who doesn’t have some connection to the games they’ve produced. But when Nintendo pulled the rug out from under my feet a few days ago, my feelings towards the company remarkably changed. When the 3DS was first announced, I was pretty excited. Not because of the 3D, but because it was going to be a more powerful DS that would finally replace my DS Lite and give me access to experiences like Shantae: Risky’s Revenge. My hand was already reaching for the wallet after watching Nintendo’s 2010 E3 press conference.

Let’s fast-forward to the 3DS press conference earlier this year. Not only did Nintendo believe it would be a great idea to charge the same price as a Wii for their new 3D handheld, but they also put the system out with an incredibly weak launch lineup and none of its promised online features."

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halo4fan2669d ago

I think Nintendo upset a lot of fans with the 3ds

Micro_Sony2669d ago


I think Nintendo upset a lot of fans with the

Game Cube
Nintendo Wii
and will upset fans with the WiiU

kaveti66162669d ago

I liked the Gamecube.

I even like the Mario Party games that were rated so poorly.

I have no idea what the criticisms were. I played those games with my friends and we had such a great time. Incredibly polished and creative.

Then you had games like NBA Street Volume 1 and 2, and Resident Evil 4, Super Mario Sunshine, Paper Mario, Zelda Windwaker.

Micro_Sony2669d ago (Edited 2669d ago )

Your right...I might have been a little harsh with putting the Game Cube on the list as it did have some nice games.

But was not the jump I expected coming from the N64.

pixelsword2669d ago

The Game cube was nice; the Wii, not so much...

I don't even know what to make of the WiiU yet, so I'll withhold judgment for now.

Otheros002669d ago

The 3d effect for the 3ds is the same as cross eyed 3d. Reason I have to cross my eyes to see the 3d effect instead of just looking at it and seeing 3d and this was at the "sweet spot". I don't like cross eyed because it doesn't look 3d. It looks like 2.5d with some weird shimmering filter on top.

Venox20082669d ago

you surely don't have 3DS :) there's no need to cross - eye to see a 3D in it :D

axisofweevils2669d ago

Yes, the effect is automatic. It's not like one of those Magic Eye pictures where if you cross your eyes, squint and stand on your head, you eventually see a dolphin.

Ayer992669d ago

While yes, the 3D on the 3DS does work by your eyes seeing at different angles, your eyes are naturally crossed just a little bit, so you shouldn't feel too uncomfortable.

n4f2668d ago

you dont have a 3ds thats for sure

StarWolf2669d ago

my first ninty product since the GC.........3ds . Then 1 month later a price drop. I have no problem with the price drop but the fact that they think some little NES games will make me feel better? little free roms? unlike APPLE, of all companies, who gave out 100 dollar vouchers from the iphone price drop.

Jihaad_cpt2669d ago

when did Apple do that? That does not sound like Apple at all. Did you lie?

axisofweevils2669d ago (Edited 2669d ago )

Apple did do that, but they dropped the price by $200, so the $100 vouchers still left early adopters $100 out of pocket.

So, are the 20 free games worth at least $40 / half the price of the 3DS price drop? Yes.

So it is a comparable offer.

ronin4life2668d ago

You know, those games aren't usualy supposed to be free... And depending on how you consider what they would have cost, could total up to $160
( GBA= $5 x 20, NES=$3 x 20). That's twice the price cut.
Now, liking these games is another story...

ronin4life2666d ago

Oops, 10 each... meaning the same value.
My bad...

clearelite2669d ago (Edited 2669d ago )

They started to lose my loyalty with the wii and the casual mainstream PR media fiasco. Then I played "New" Super Mario bros. for the DS and it was this easy casual trash, devoid of that special nintendo magic I was used to. Now, I hear about the WiiU and I'm even more skeptical. They are not beyond redemption for me though and I'm even considering buying a 3DS if they make the right moves.

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