Disney Universe - Competitive gameplay explored and lack of Marvel Characters explained | RPI

Disney shed some light on their upcoming co-op game Disney Universe answering fans questions like why Marvel franchises are not included

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TomInc2366d ago

I think it's good they're not putting in Marvel IP.. They might own it.. but it's not "Traditional"

What I really want is Toy Story!

Quagmire2366d ago

Then play LBP2, lol at the irony

TomInc2365d ago

I've played through little big planet. I also played levels of Disney universe.. The comparison is weak as even the costumes compare loosely.. Unfortunately people's closed mind to this will be the games downfall.

vglulz2366d ago

It looks quite interesting.

yen8882366d ago

To be honest all I see in this title is a LittleBigPlanet clone

Bull5hifT2366d ago

Why not throw in bugs bunny, daffy duck , miley cyrus, jamie lee curtis from freaky friday, lindsey lohan, nicolas cage national treasure , cause Marvel Sure As F***K Makes Sense

Quagmire2366d ago

Disney owns Marvel you tard.