Battlefield 3 high-resolution class renders

High resolution renders of the Battlefield 3 classes -- no watermarks.

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RedDead20672668d ago

Interesting that the recon class is no longer wearing a Ghillie suit.

xabmol2668d ago

I'm a miss my wookiee suit...

xabmol2667d ago

*looks at disagrees*

Ok, maybe I won't?

Pandamobile2668d ago

Why would a sniper in an urban and desert combat zone need a ghillie suit?

Rearden2667d ago

With prone returning, I think ghillie suits won't make that big of a difference.

Hazmat132668d ago

lol the support class is like "america fuck ya." lol

detroitmademe2668d ago

I hope every class will have the ability to heal themselves like n MAG.In Bad Company 2 Theres nothing like getting shot so bad n hardcore mode that ur screen is covered n blood,blinding u&thiers no medics n ur squad 2 heal u.

evrfighter2668d ago (Edited 2668d ago )

only assault can heal.

you notice how mag is dead and bad company 2 lives on? there's a reason for that

detroitmademe2668d ago (Edited 2667d ago )

ur right,theres a reason 4 that but i dont think having the option to heal urself is that reason.Im not saying make the medic class irrelevant im just saying if i get shot unexpectedly,it would b nice to be able to heal&continue fighting rather than staying back/waiting on a medic or rushing in because i feel im gonna die anyway

Rearden2667d ago

Only assault class carries med packs and revive kit. And that's only if they chose to carry the med kits instead of grenade launchers.