Top 10 Worlds In Video Games That Felt Alive [PICS]

"Settings in video games are often praised deeply. People say the worlds are believable and rich, and that they are completely unforgettable. There are certain settings in video games that we feel the same way about."

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BrightFalls762641d ago

The Citadel in ME1 was hands down my favorite part of any game to explore this generation. It was a huge letdown to see it near absent in the second game outside of some very small sections.

Tony P2640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

That was part of my biggest complaint for ME2. The loss of freeform exploration. So what if the planets didn't have much stuff!

I wish they had improved that part instead of removing it.

ZBlacktt2641d ago

Totally love Assassin's Creed open worlds. The GTA games are decent as well.

Dovahkiin2641d ago

TESV: Oblivion, felt the most alive of any game world i've been in.

L.A. Noire? Really? Felt so dead to me.

fr00ty-wizenhymer2640d ago

Oblivion's world really sucked, so did Fallout 3/NV. Nothing compared to Daggerfall or even maybe Morrowind.

Dovahkiin2640d ago

You say it sucked, but compare it to any other console game world; and you'd be wrong.

Tony P2640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

Although Morrowind lacks in Oblivions mechanical improvements, I think it's just a much better setting overall. It is far more imaginative, innovative, and thorough than Oblivion's.

People did not sleep in Morrowind or carry out schedules. But they had an extremely well-expressed culture present in virtually every facet of the game.

Oblivion, by contrast, got by with fancier graphics and mechanics. Culturally, the Imperials presented in the game look and sound like us which makes the setting a lot less thoughtful.

fr00ty-wizenhymer2640d ago

Hmm well let's see GTA: Vice City had one of the best worlds. That was on console. Two Worlds 1 really did the medieval setting well. Deadly Premonition was the most immersive world I've played this gen. Viking nailed the norse mythology setting. I want to say Limbo but that was more setting than world. Still probably many I'm missing. And I'm a PC gamer.

Dovahkiin2640d ago

'Nothing compared to Daggerfall or even maybe Morrowind.' I guessed you were a PC gamer.

Vice City's (whilst it was amazing) wasn't exactly alive, though. But in my opinion i just felt that Oblivion's world was the closest thing to a living world (with townsfolk having schedules and routines and whatnot). I haven't played Morrowind, but if i had i would be able to give my opinion on that.

Imikida2640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

Just Cause 2 would be on my top ten.

Imikida2640d ago

Ya I just liked how beautiful and complex the world was.

Undeadwolfy2640d ago

Just Cause 2 was beautiful. If you can get your hands on a demo, theres a pc one I believe, try and run it at max if you can and you will see how beautiful it is.

FlashBack2640d ago

I know, it's beautiful and stuff , but it's not alive, people are robots

JBaby3432640d ago

I loved the world of Just Cause 2. I explored and got lost in it for hours. GTA III and Assassin's Creed were the most alive though.

My dream though is an open world Force Unleashed game. That would be so good. A full DMM open world to tear through.