Battlefield 3 Hands-On Preview (PlanetXbox360)

The Penny Arcade Expo is in full swing, and one of the companies taking part in showcasing games to the community is Electronic Arts. They’re showing all sorts of titles on the floor, but the big one that has a line pretty much wrapping around the booth twice is Battlefield 3. This highly anticipated shooter – and rightfully so, might we add – takes realism in first-person action to another level, and we had a chance to stop by for a quick hands-on session to see how it’s shaping up.

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UltimaEnder2642d ago

cannot wait for this game, look at those screens!

Dart892642d ago

I liked what i read come on September i want in the beta now!:P.

Hufandpuf2642d ago

Isn't this the website that was bashing BF3? And now they like it?

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ennero2641d ago

technic problems is bugs