Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi Box Art for North America

Like it's European counterpart, the North American box art features Goku.

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tayz2666d ago

i wish they made a new box for every country.

Jamzluminati2666d ago


Dart892666d ago

Hmm Europe's boxart looks brighter than NA.

CaptainMarvelQ82666d ago

Europe can't handle all the lightningz!

Dovahkiin2666d ago

Hmm i see what you mean, may just be the image though.

DrRichtofen2666d ago

I wonder why the PS3 version is more zoomed in as where on the 360 version you can see all of Shenron and the rest of Goku's hair...just seems a little odd that they would even bother doing that.

tayz2666d ago (Edited 2666d ago )

i think cause PS3 boxes are smaller and fatter and 360 boxes are taller and skinnier.

DrRichtofen2666d ago

Oh yeah that probably is the reason. I don't have a 360 so I wouldn't know.