Looks like Epic Mickey 2 may be in development

According to an anonymous Dtoid reader, Epic Mickey 2 is currently being gauged by Disney via online marketing. There are a lot of specifics here, which is always nice. That doesn't mean that the game is definitely going to happen, but it sure looks like the development of Epic Mickey 2 has gone well beyond the "purely theoretical" stages. There are several potential box arts here, as well as some of the titles being considered for the game (including Epic Mickey 2: Return of the Mad Doctor, Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two, Epic Mickey 2: Mystery on Mean Street, and just Epic Mickey 2).

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topgun332614d ago

If this goes to Ps3, I hope it comes bundled with the first game and you have an option to use dual shock instead of the move

DrRichtofen2614d ago

That would be really cool, if they were to do such a thing I hope the first one is in HD.

OllieBoy2614d ago

I'd buy a PS3 version for sure.

kingdoms2614d ago

It's the only console you own. So if you get the game assuming it even comes to PS3, it will be for sure on PS3 LMAO

sarshelyam2614d ago

I don't know how you could earn a "Disagree" on your comment. It makes too much sense!

I wholeheartedly agree that if this goes to PS3, the first should be included as well. Such a great game that hit a platform in its waning years.

Malcopunch2614d ago

Darksydephill will be mad as hell

OhMyGandhi2614d ago

The first game looked interesting.
too bad about the camera though.

Mario4life2614d ago

id buy a wii u version, it would allow for some cool painting tools by adding in some okami like painting

sarshelyam2614d ago

Yeah, I'm a bit confused why they'd release a Wii version with the Wii-U right around the corner. Perhaps it will?

SuperStrokey11232614d ago

installed base... isnt that hard to figure out

sarshelyam2614d ago

There isn't going to be much of an install base come the time the sequel hits (next year), when a new console is hot on its tails, if not out before.

Install base means little if the interest is nonexistent, or the migration has already happened.

Malcopunch2614d ago

Epic Mickey was a good idea but it falled flat on it's face

pcz2613d ago

in what way did it fall flat on its face?

and have you played it?

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The story is too old to be commented.