Battlefield 3 to Include Dinosaur Mode?

Gaming Irresponsibly reports on a rumor of a dinosaur mode being included in Battlefield 3.

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agentxk2304d ago

I doubt it. However it would be the best survival mode ever!

dark-hollow2304d ago

Lol blowing tyrannosaurs from a jet will make BF3 my personal GOTY.

deadpoole2304d ago

I swear to god .... if they include Dinosaur mode ... it will officialy make this game better then sex ... period.

Pixel_Pusher2304d ago

Make it happen dice! And charge me $15 for the DLC. lmao

Mr Patriot2304d ago

@ deadpool
Get a life bro

inveni02303d ago

Nothing is better than sex. If ever you find something better than sex, you need to find a new sex partner.

But dinosaur mode would be awesome...better than zombie mode.

Livin_in_a_box2303d ago (Edited 2303d ago )

It was teased quite a while ago with the dinosaur in the opening scene of the E3 2011 video and a piece of artwork. But this image here is most likely fake- the dinosaur in the back left looks fake, especially with that person that is getting tossed in the air.

So yeah, I wouldn't hold my breath.

EDIT: Just seen that the guy who made it has actually posted below! Wow.

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Undeadwolfy2304d ago

What are you talking about? Looks legit... XD

Man, it would be pretty fun though.

Undeadwolfy2304d ago

Wow I got a disagree for being sarcastic...

BubbleSniper2304d ago

for the love of the almighty PLEASE let this be true.

i will bath in the blood of t-rex blood if it is

Northtouch2304d ago

OMG Loooooooooool I MADE THAT IMAGE! I posted this on the official battlefield 3 forums lololol. Im mrfreshtouch on the forums i use northtouch on here. I cant beleive this has spread so quickly! I made it earlier today!

On a side note it would be EPIC if DICE decided to do what i like to call "Jurassic Horde" you can check the first image i did on the battlefield 3 forums i posted yday.

ultrapepe2304d ago

It's spread everywhere because it's amazing. You sir are an artistic visionary.

bayport2303d ago

Screw this zombie mode kick that alot of games have been taking up.


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SmokeCheebah2304d ago

Photoshop... pause at 1:30 on this trailer

Fun idea though.

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Dart892304d ago

That would be cool i would name mine patches :D.

nikrel2304d ago

Photoshop, but dice would be smart to include a dinosaur mode, would be so much fun

agentxk2304d ago

Man, I think I might forsake the standard multiplayer for that

RyuDrinksTheDew2304d ago (Edited 2304d ago )

this was on reddit earlier today lol, obviously photoshopped.

i love when people take things from there and try to make it news.

edit: and here is the page

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The story is too old to be commented.