Battlefield 3 Steelbook Images Shows Two Discs

Battlefield 3 Limited Edition now comes with a steel case, and shows two disc slots.

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3GenGames2586d ago


It's not that big of a deal, it just means they can shove longer campaign and more multiplayer in it without having to worry about space and more about quality while only adding 50 cents to the cost to make it, doesn't matter.

ExitToExisT2586d ago

2nd disc can be for soundtrack or bonus assets like videos, concept art ext.

Undeadwolfy2586d ago

I reckon a Blu-Ray will be enough to store all those things on? Cos the game will need to be under 10gb to fit on a DVD9 disk for Xbox, and both games will need to be identical. Although the PS3 version will be coming with BF 1943 so I guess that will take up room on the Blu-Ray as well, so maybe two disks will be needed for PS3.

ExitToExisT2586d ago

this is a limited edition. which means the bonus content would come in the second disc , even though they would fit on a bluray

Hufandpuf2586d ago

2 discs will be for 360 1 for SP and 1 for MP. PS3 can hopefully hold all of BF3 in one disc and I've never seen DICE make a bonus disc for their games accept maybe BFBC: Gold Edition.

jdfoster2586d ago

Bf3 will fit on one disk on ps3... remember what Dice said? "Because of the added space due to blu-ray we will be adding battlefield 1943 with bf3 free"

MaverickStar72586d ago

I wouldn't be surprosed to see two discs on the 360. I've heard rumors of it. If its one disc for SP and one for MP , I would be fine with that. Its not like you are going to be switching them back and forth often....if ever.

MorbidPorpoise2586d ago

Sweet, Steelbook for the win!

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The story is too old to be commented.