StarCraft 2 MLG Raleigh Day 1 Synopsis

Gamers Nexus writes: "A nuke?! Nobody nukes (successfully) at tournaments! MLG's first series of SC2 matches ran last night, so if you missed out on them, here's a quick synopsis of the events:

The first match of the evening was EGIdrA vs. STBomber; the games were played on Dual Sight and Metalopolis, with Bomber rising 2-0 by using early-to-mid game pushes and containments."

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Blaine2667d ago

Links to videos would be much appreciated.

Lelldorianx2666d ago

Videos were not available at the time of posting. They are finally all on

We also created a montage video of the weekend here:

Blaine2666d ago

Cool, thanks!

I'm always interested in watching a good SC2 match. I found the nuke on youtube yesterday, but just watching that isn't the same as seeing the whole game.

Lelldorianx2666d ago

Haha, totally understood. The nuke was in Rain's match. I think it was a part of the red stream, though I'm not certain. If you go to MLG's website you can watch the streams as they were played for the crowd.

If you want VODs, I think they charge something like $10 to view the VODs without commercials; you can still view the streams for free, from what I understand.

Hope that helps!