Deus Ex: Human Revolution augmentations guide

Augmentations are a huge part of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and picking the right ones can make a huge difference with how you play the game. The thing is, until you’ve spent your Praxis points, it’s not always clear how each upgrade functions. We take a look at all of your options and explain how each of the upgrades works and what kind of playstyle it’s best suited for.

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vickers5002640d ago (Edited 2639d ago )

Not a very good guide. Plenty of the ones he listed as useless are pretty good. The Icarus landing system makes getting around go by MUCH faster. Why take 2 or 3 minutes climbing down 4 flights of stairs when you can just jump off the roof in a few seconds?

The implanted rebreather is useful as well, just not very useful in the sense of helping you navigate through the game. Throw a gas grenade (or mine) at a boss, they stand there incapacitated while you can unload a full clip of ammunition on them without them moving or shooting for a while (Yelena, that fast invisible chick). It's definitely not a good early purchase, but mid way through the game it can be quite useful.

The cooldown timer I haven't purchased yet, but I'm (probably) almost finished with Deus Ex and that will be my next one to purchase, as there have been times I've sat for like 5-7 minutes in one spot waiting for the alarm to stop, and knowing how long I would have to wait would be much more helpful and lead to a lot less wasted time.

And camera domination is very useful if you don't want to set off any alarms and don't want to spend 10 minutes going out of your way looking for the alternate path. The cameras are usually no threat themselves, but combined with an enemy or a robot, they're definite annoyances that will get you spotted. Kill or tranq a guard in front of a camera? Well then it alerts everybody in the room that there's someone there, pretty much saying "HEY GUYS, LOOK OVER HERE, SOMETHING HAPPENED TO THIS GUY!", but with the camera domination aug, it allows you to take out those guards and hide their bodies free of fear of being spotted.

I haven't used last known location, but I imagine it would be useful, seeing as how sometimes, the enemies maximum distance they are willing to travel to check things out can be unpredictable.

Haven't used mark and track, but it would probably be a good way to keep tabs on enemies, as sometimes if my weapon isn't powerful enough to one-shot them, I need to make sure I shoot the same guy again before he alerts the others and not mistakenly shoot the other guard wearing the same armor thus alerting the whole room to my presence.

I have used cones of vision and it is very useful for precise sneaking, like when there's no other very good alternate paths and you can slip out of the enemies field of view just barely enough to get by undetected.

I don't think this guy knows what he's talking about, almost all the things he said were useless can be helpful in some important situations.

grailly2639d ago

I guess what the article was going for was being efficient with your points. No fall damage is useful, but you can go around having it quite easily.

I'm not to far in the game yet, would you recommend that I take the wall break ability if I'm note using highlights? Can they be located easily?

also invisibility feels like cheating if I want to play stealth, how doable is the game in stealth mode without it?

plumber152639d ago

I am in the same boat as you i don't know what to pick lol .

vickers5002639d ago

Definitely get the wall break ability, it opens up a lot of new paths and much of the time there is some pretty good loot (ammo, weapon mods, weapons, etc.) in those walls. You can get by most sections stealthily without invisibility, but there are a few instances where I'm pretty sure it's required to get by undetected. But if you are going to get invisibility, make sure you upgrade your energy cells so you have the maximum capacity, because it does eat up energy really fast.

I'd recommend at least unlocking the first level of invisibility just so when you come across something that appears to be unsneakable, you can simply cloak and walk by. It doesn't feel like cheating very much because it doesn't last very long.

But a few things you absolutely need in the beginning are hacking/capture, carrying capacity (assuming you will be using more than 3 weapons, and you probably will), carry heavy objects, and multi-takedown. If you're going for a stealthy non-lethal approach, you definitely need multi-takedowns, and you should also go for the fast recharge on the energy cells.