COD Will Rule Things Again (Sheep)

On this weeks show:

-What we’ve been playing.
-I tried to be a PC gamer.
-Sanii loves graphics but won’t by a PS3 game.
-What the hell is a Tim Tam.
-Why is COD still the best multiplayer option?
-WTF was GameStop thinking with the Deus Ex stuff?
-Deus Ex impressions.
–A few other things.

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3GenGames2665d ago

"-Why is COD still the best multiplayer option?"

Because you're delusional.

JBSleek2665d ago

We all know CoD Multiplayer will rule. No game is touching the formula CoD has. Many will try but non will really win for the foreseeable future.

CoD Haters have to be some of the funniest people in the gaming world. Why so serious?? Are you mad because millions of people enjoy the game? I'm not really understanding why people who buy CoD every year are "sheep". If having days of fun with my friends makes me a sheep then I'm the biggest sheep!!

Jack_DangerousIy2665d ago

I'm no COD fan but I completely agree with your point. It's ridiculous that people can't just let you like something.

Farsendor12665d ago

man those guys really hate on pc i like there podcast just hope they calm down a bit on the hate.

JBSleek2665d ago

PC Gaming is a dying breed. I thought many of us knew that.

Farsendor12665d ago

you may think that its dying but its not every time someone plays an mmorpg or flash game and of course steam games and free games people have made over the years, all of that is pc gaming its what i enjoy and i know a lot of other people that enjoy it.

jp02491072665d ago sure are ignorant kiddo. The pc hasn't been dying at all.

newleaf2665d ago

Sometimes I think I love COD so much because I know it makes so many people angry.

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